Have you ever had a prospect leave a PBR and go straight to Google to learn more about ACN?What about the new IBO who goes home and tries (and fails) to explain ACN to their spouse?
Or, have one of your loved ones called ACN one of those “pyramid scheme things”.

Now, you can easily solve the mystery of ACN for those people who aren’t familiar with the company–we have created a brand new website – WhoisACN.com – answering all the questions people have about ACN.

This mobile friendly, easy to navigate website contains:

  • A snapshot of all the numerous third party publications that have featured ACN over the years

  • ACN’s many global partners and affiliations

  • Over 100 marketing and industry awards ACN has won – and counting

  • The ACN Opportunity Video designed to give an overview of ACN

  • The “Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?” Video designed to once and for all answer that question

  • A link to the ACN e-Mag app

  • Access to the Business Opportunity Overview and Presentation – to make sharing the ACN Opportunity with friends and family simple and accessible for the new person or prospect

Encourage your prospects to access this website right from their phones, right during your PBRs. Plus, text, email, tweet or Facebook Message this link to all your prospects today!


XOOM Energy Big Business Program


Did you know XOOM Energy, through its family of companies, is able to offer service to large commercial accounts? Businesses who spend more than $17,000 annually on the commodity portion of their energy bill qualify for the Big Business Program (BBP.) Based on the business’s annual usage, XOOM Energy can provide a customized quote designed to fit their specific needs and budget.

Accounts that would qualify for the Big Business Program, include commercial property management, manufacturers, auto dealerships, churches, franchises (hospitality, food service, laundromats), warehouse and distribution centers. The Big Business Program is currently available to customers in all markets XOOM Energy services in the United States with the exception of Georgia. The Big Business Program is also available to customers in Alberta, Canada.

Big Business Program customers offer a great opportunity for you to grow your business by offering the services from XOOM Energy that might not normally be available to these types of customers. To learn more about the XOOM Energy Big Business Program or to get started with a customized proposal, visit www.acn.xoomenergy.com/big-business.

Why Choose Anovia Payments?

Anovia Payments

Credit Card processing is a huge industry. Over 10,000 Credit Card transactions happen per second globally and there are $7.5 Trillion in Annual Credit Card Payments a year. With those stats, it is surprising that 9 million merchants still DO NOT currently support the new data security regulations or mobile wallet payments.

Anovia offers payment solutions for merchants. There are no surprise fees and Anovia welcomes all major payment types including:

  • Visa ®
  • MasterCard ®
  • American Express®
  • Discover®
  • JCB®
  • EBT
  • Gift Card
  • Pin Debit

 Merchants can increase efficiency, productivity and security with Anovia’s leading-edge products.

Anovia offers solutions for mobile merchants. Plug-and-play dongles work with smartphones and tables. Have a customer that has a store? Anovia also offers storefront terminal solutions.

Businesses can now choose from multiple, money-saving packages while enjoying the speed and convenience of an online ordering process – all designed to make it even easier for you to close the deal! At any point during the order process, a merchant can request a custom proposal. The Low Cost – Meet or Beat Guarantee1 has great low transaction rates for the customer’s entire contract with multiple equipment options for a great price.

Start the conversation about Anovia payments today!


1Any business that selects the Low Cost Meet or Beat or Custom Proposal options, is currently accepting electronic payments, and processing at least $3,000 monthly can qualify for the Meet or Beat Pricing Guarantee. To qualify, the merchant must provide a current merchant statement (no older than three months) and complete the Pricing Request form. One of Anovia Payments’ representatives will contact the merchant with pricing. If Anovia cannot meet or beat current rates including but not limited to interchange fees, discount rates, downgrades and monthly fees, we will send you a $100 gift card. Excludes equipment costs. Excludes high risk merchants, national merchants, and franchises. High risk merchants include travel, digital content or virtual goods, adult entertainment, online nutritional supplements, membership subscriptions and ticketing.


At ACN, if it’s on, you get paid!

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