Introducing the Best of the Best in ACN Worldwide

Happy New Year Everyone! Every January at ACN, we have a tradition in which we usher in a new class of leaders – the ACN Circle of Champions. This is an incredible group of top producers who each epitomize the meaning of commitment, success and most importantly leadership.

Simply put, these individuals are the best-of-the-best in ACN and set a standard of excellence in their businesses and lives every day. Not only have they built incredible businesses of their very own, but they have helped countless individuals do the same. They’ve put the needs of their teams above the needs of themselves, and success is no longer defined by just what they can personally do; it’s defined by what they can do for others. 

It’s my absolute privilege to present to you the 2017 Circle of Champions Members worldwide. 

North America Circle of Champions

Simon Abboud

James and Danielle Adlam

Mathieu Ambroise

Michael An

Mike Bisutti

Nekoda and Monica Bragg

Aaron and Chanelle Burt

Michael and Jennifer Crowder

Debbie and Geoff Davis

Shane and Dana Douglas

Leanne Gabriel

Spencer Hunn

Marc Isaac

Sunny Kim

Max Knowles

Mathieu Lamontagne

Cav. Franco Lofranco

Cody and Marlo Mackie

Patrick Maser and Michael Maser

Mark Olshenitsky

MD Rahman

Brian and Andrea Sax

Al Thomas

Danny Volonino

Jeff Weber


Europe Circle of Champions

Abdul Sharif

Ahmed Mukhtar

Art Napolitano

Asad Ali

Asos Harsin

Ayub El Amrani

Dominique Cano-Flores

Françoise Monfray

Jamal Uddin

Mohammed Abubakar Qasim

Muddssar Bashir & Salman Sardar   (same distributorship)

Myriam de la Sierra & Bash Bokhari  (same distributorship)

Nassim Kebbi

Zia Rehman


Korea Circle of Champions

Yookyong Chun & Youngjin Jeong

Soonkyu Kwon & Cui Fenghua

Minkyung Kim

Songhee Kim & Bongjo Gim

Jungmi Kim & Taegyun Kim

Sanggu Kum & Heejung Jang

Changgu Park & Soojeon Kim

Eunkyung Seo

Wongyun Woo & Misoon Hwang


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