At ACN, Reputation is Everything

Integrity - it’s ACN’s number one core value and the foundation on which the company was built. And despite its incredible growth, integrity is also what continues to drive every decision our company makes, even 20 years later.

Since day one, ACN’s Co-Founders have been committed to ensuring that the company - and its Independent Business Owners (IBOs) - operate with the utmost integrity, adhere to the highest possible ethical standards, and perform under a marketing plan that complies with consumer protection laws while operating their home-based businesses.

The ACN Legal Advisory Committee

As part of its strong commitment to integrity, ACN founded the ACN Legal Advisory Committee nearly two decades ago. This committee is composed of former state Attorneys General, and is headed by Chairman Robert Stephan, a former Kansas Attorney General and judge who is also the President of the National Association of Attorneys General.

The Committee studies ACN’s practices, products and marketing strategies for compliance with marketing laws and oversees company Policies and Procedures. Members of the Legal Advisory Committee also speak regularly at ACN’s International Training Events to further emphasize to IBOs how critical integrity is at ACN.

In addition, ACN has been recognized by the Direct Selling Association as going above and beyond to promote the industry’s code of ethics. Maintaining a reputation of honesty, integrity and credibility is a badge of honor - and it’s one that will always be priority number one for ACN.

At ACN, if it’s on, you get paid!

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